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Peter Mayer, Brendan Mayer & Jim Mayer

Tuesday, 30 Jul
08:00 PM

from $40 to $60

Peter Mayer, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, has been with Jimmy Buffett’s Coral

Reefer Band for over three decades. Mayer also follows his own musical path with

both national and international tours and has released 20 live and studio albums to

date. Over his years in music he has been privileged to share the stage with many

bright lights in the music industry including James Taylor, Paul McCartney, Ringo

Starr, Don Henley, Dave Matthews, and many others.

Brendan Mayer, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, has been building a following,

laying his tracks in the music world. He released his first album, the “Getaway Car”

EP, on Jimmy Buffett’s Mailboat Records, after touring a year with Buffett and the

Coral Reefer Band in 2014. He has spent the last months working on his latest

release, “Best at the Show,” which is due out this year. He performs regularly on his

solo tours.

Brendan and Peter joined forces in 2017 to record their debut album, “Long Story

Short.” With both songwriters contributing to the list, this collection of twelve songs

showcases the father and son’s unique musical directions that, together, weave a

unified sound with compelling lyrics and inventive melodies. The result is two

voices turned into one with their bloodline harmony.

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