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Nancy Atlas

Saturday, 16 Sep
08:00 PM

from $35 to $50

Nancy Atlas and her band of Journeymen have been dominating the East End Music scene or Long Island for quite some time. Known for her raw, live performances and stellar songwriting Nancy and her band, The Nancy Atlas Project, have opened for almost everyone under the sun. To name a few: Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams, Toots and the Maytals, Jimmy Buffett, Crosby, Stills and Nash… the list goes on and on. The reason is simple. When people want a solid act to open their show and get the crowd warmed up, they call  Nancy and her boys because they know they will deliver. Every time.
Nancy grew up with gypsy blood in Commack, NY. Eager to get the buck out of dodge she spent her entire college years abroad at both Cambridge University in England and Richmond College in London and Florence.  She majored in art history, fine art, drinking lots of wine and talking shit. There was a serious recession going on the year she graduated college so instead of becoming a mad advertising executive she walked down to Portabello Road, London, bought a guitar for 60 quid and never looked back. It was pouring buckets of English rain that day so they gave her a black plastic bag to cover her guitar as it didn’t come with a case. Nothing, it is said, can stop true desire.
Nancy now lives in Montauk, New York with her husband Thomas and her two sons, Cash and Levon, and her daughter Tallulah. When she is not writing a song or on stage rocking out, she can be found clamming with her kids, surfing with her kids, walking with her kids, reading with her kids or cartooning for her kids. On rainy days she lazily traces tour maps of Europe with her right hand while sipping her beloved PG Tibs English Tea and smiling out into the East End Mist.

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