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Annie Trezza

Tuesday, 06 Aug
08:00 PM


When you hear Annie Trezza it's often hard to believe that all that sound comes out of one person. With groovy guitar riffs, 60's inspired melodies, and transportive lyrics, she projects an energy well beyond her size. Upon listening to Dylan and Beatles records on repeat at a young age, she felt compelled to pick up a guitar and start writing her own tunes at age 14. She spends her summers playing all around her home in Montauk, NY. In the off-season when she's not chasing the waves she's writing new music, and continuing to play anywhere in the world she finds herself. Between her distinctive voice and her poetic lyrics, it's hard not to get a little carried away when listening to any of her tunes. And that's okay because that's exactly what they're meant to do. With an album to follow, her EP Blue Suitcase #2 was released December 2019.

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